We stopped at the grocery store to pick up ingredients that we needed for our upcoming meal.  At the heart of the meal was a very nice selection of ox tails.  It is a favorite cut of meat that was once part of the waste in a butcher shop.

My culture and family preferences, however, have enjoyed ox tails in a stew or a soup.  Even as the prices of this meat selection has increased from virtually nothing to now over $5/pound.  When it is cooked correctly, it is tender and flavorful.

Our first stop was the produce sections.  I looked for a leafy green to be the vitamin rich base of the soup.  Next, I selected several medium-sized turnips.

In my mind I wanted to add flavor to the soup.  Yvonne reminded me to pick up a red onion and tomatoes.  To that I remembered to pick out an apple to add the sweetness of the soup.

Down the aisles we marched.  We had our eyes open for other ingredients.  A can of whole corn works great.

Then, down the soup aisle we looked over the options for a soup base.  We chose a carton of vegetarian soup base.  I was already beginning to salivate over this meal.

Back at home I peeled the turnips, washed the greens and got the onion ready.  Yvonne was parboiled the ox tails to drain out the impurities.  Those morsels were then flash bathed in cold water.

I hit the chopping board and sliced up the vegetables.  It was time to put it all together.  I could sense the delicious meal to come.

First, I laid the greens in the large slow cooker pot.  Then, we added the ox tails.  Next, we dumped the vegetables.

Finally, I popped the carton of the soup base and poured it into the pot.  I added an equal amount of water.  We simply put the top on and set the cooker for 10 hours of slow cooking.

All day we went about our activities.  Each time we passed through the kitchen the aroma was stunning.  It called for a detour and pause to take in the delicious fragrance.

Finally, we sat down for dinner.  We bowed our heads and gave thanks to our Father for His grace.  Then, we enjoyed the fruit of our labor with a delicious meal that stretched over two days.  Good planning, mutual fun and a fabulous shared supper.

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