My new email notification flagged down my attention. Even though the alert had all the appearances of bad news, I clicked on it. It was sad news.

My Uncle Ray, the husband to my Dad’s oldest sister had passed away. He and my Aunt Audrey had been married for 70 years. That is quite an accomplishment.

My Aunt Audrey is the nicest, most cheerful and delightful woman who you can every imagine.  She is always upbeat, laughing and encouraging.  What a wonderful human being. 

I feel very sad for her.  Uncle Ray was the standard for steady living.  My brother and sister and I couldn’t recall any time when he ever was mean or lost his temper.  That’s quality living.

She is missing him.  Bringing decades of life together to a final end is never easy.  Forever is a very long time.

When forever begins, we who will all eventually arrive there are left with a void when someone we love has passed on.  We must remain until our time.  That word “remain” is a tough one. 

Grief is hard.  Nothing really helps it.  Instead, we find ways to cope with it. 

Hope is the best that we have.  When the anchor of our lives is faith in what Jesus Christ offers, then we can manage.  We look forward to an eventual reunion that will never end.

God bless you, Aunt Audrey!  I know that you miss Uncle Ray.  May God’s blessing of grace and mercy be yours forever. 

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