We made an aggressive move this week.  Our garage was the last vestige of storage center for boxes desiring to be unpacked.  Enough is enough!

A day-off matched our open schedule.  We tackled all of the boxes that needed to be unpacked.  It was triage time.

Neither of us knew what to do with so many of the boxes.  We looked at each other, hoping for a solution.  Then, the word came to us, “Triage!”

We opened each box and decided if we knew what we would do with the contents.  If it we were certain where the items would go, then, we moved those boxes into a certain pile.  However, if we didn’t know what to do with the contents they would go into another pile.

One thing for sure, we wanted to clear out the garage.  Either we would store what was in the boxes, donate it to a charity or throw it away.  Those were the only three options.

Whenever the boxes were Yvonne’s or mine we would move those into our separate offices.  That made the pile of boxes shrink very fast.  Of course our offices are full again!

The biggest pile include the items that we are giving away to the Salvation Army.  That pile can stay in the garage until my next day-off.  Then, I’ll transport those items to the collection truck that is parked a couple of miles away.

I carried a few boxes into my office.  Of course I played the knight in shining armor and carried Yvonne’s boxes into her office for her.  Now, in our living room there are six boxes left.

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is such a relief!  Now, our garage is a garage again.  There is so much room to move around.

My tool chest is free to open the slider drawers at will.  The storage closet next to my tools can open up too.  I’m thrilled that this unpacking only took us ten months.

Whenever I walk through our garage, I smile.  You can breathe in that wonderful space.  It a man-thing. 

I love it when a car can pull into its own room and feel protected from the elements.  My motorcycle has the other bay all to itself.  Also, my sports gear can be reached without any more climbing over boxes.  It is a good thing!

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