Every house that I have been in has an oven.  Some of those homes even have two ovens.  An occasional dwelling is equipped with three ovens.

There are connoisseurs of the oven.  They leave the cooking over the range to others.  For them this bakery option is their calling in life.

Recently, there has been a buzz around the people who I hang with.  They kept talking about an amazing bakery in the local neighborhood.  It seemed incomprehensible to me.

One of our local chefs offered Yvonne a “blondie” from this newfound destination for baked goods.  Everyone has heard of brownies.  This is the same kind of delectable confection without the chocolate.

Yvonne waited to enjoy the gift.  She was shocked!  It was so good she never got around to saving any for me.

All I heard was the testimony.  There was no product left to test.  Hmm…

I was given, however, the name of the bakery.  Another few people jumped in and gave me directions.  There were so many who were affirming the amazing offerings of this bakery that I was determined to stop in and purchase a few of their best menu items.

After church we had a relaxed afternoon schedule.  That’s when the idea of swinging by this oven-dominant establishment.  It wasn’t hard to find.

All of the avenues in our neighborhood are alphabetical.  The cross streets are numerical.  But, even with those advantages it was an easy location to find.

As we drew close to the address, the parking spaces disappeared.  In San Francisco there is an early warning sign for busy popular businesses.  Double-parking starts to build up.

Slowly, we wove in and out of the vehicles that were parked two deep on this quiet street.  There, coming into view was the store’s sign.  The door to the bakery was open.

To be accurate, the door wasn’t open like it was stuck.  Instead, there were so many people inside that the door could not close.  That was a great sign that this was a very good place to visit.

We passed on stopping in for another day.  The next time I tried I was 5 minutes too late.  It was already closed.

Finally, in the middle of the afternoon on our way to a family dinner we took a chance.  No one was in the store.  Perfect!

We ordered lemon bars and blondies.  We served them to our family and everyone raved.  Me too!  Yum!

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