You and I like to drive a vehicle that is clean.  When it sparkles and shines, it makes us feel really good.  Mud, dirt and road grime smeared on our vehicle finish just has a way of making us all cringe.

For all of us who love a spic and span clean vehicle we even check the weather.  We don’t like to wash our rig if there is rain in the forecast.  Isn’t it a bummer when we wash our four-wheel carrier and the next day the rains come? 

Then, the sun comes out and dries a lower band of dirt shrouding our vehicle with grime.  It is frustrating.  All of that dirt comes up from the road from road spray.

But, when the weather is great, the sun is shining and blue skies we smile.  It’s time to pull out the bucket, sponge and soft brush.  With pride we wash our pride and joy.  For me it is my pick-up truck.

We dry that special transport with a quality chamois.  The wax goes on with elbow grease.  Polishing the metal into a brilliant shine is a labor of love.  We stand back and feel the unique emotional elation of delight, ownership at its best.

Then, on the maiden drive with sun glasses adding to our panache we smile.  Miles roll underneath our tires.  The engine hums with power well under control. 

But, it is all cut short when a bird in flight needs to lose some ballast.  There is no warning.  A chance to debate, plead for mercy or change our route are never options.  Instead, the bird bomb is a direct hits and spoils one of the best feelings in life.  OK, God, I love you more than my truck and that’s saying a lot!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography