There is one store that is not an outdoors specialization retailer that I enjoy visiting.  It is national box store that has a nearby location.  Their selection of products has an appeal to me.

Whoever their buyers are, I have to tip my hat to them.   They have many consistent regular products.  But, they keep their options fresh with new and seasonal products.

When those seasonal items are in, I pay attention.  Also, they have coupon specials that advertise products as lower prices that surpass their normal daily good values.  We do our coupon shopping there when we can.

Over the years of experience, however, I have learned NOT to shop there on Saturdays or Sundays.  It is too crowded.  The holidays are horrendous as well, with the crush of crowds and huge basketful making long lines a common phenomenon.

Since we pastors have Monday off, I like going there on that weekday.  It has proven to be relaxing and free from the massive crowds trying to save by buying in bulk.  We even stick around for a bargain lunch together.  Something changed this past Monday, however. 

We were suspicious when we drove into the parking lot and had to search unusually hard for a parking spot.  People were everywhere pushing carts full of goods, talking with friends and busily loading their cars with recent purchases.  “This is weird to be so busy on a Monday,” I remarked.

Once we located a spot and entered the store the crowds reflected the full parking lot.  We dodged more than one cart so full of goods that the driver couldn’t see over the merchandise.  “Is it Christmas time?” I mused with a smile.

This was a big shopping day for us.  Our list was long.  The cart was full and I carefully negotiated the crowded aisles, not wanting to run anyone over. 

We did have a collision with one woman who was attached to a semi-run-away cart.  She was so embarrassed.  But, we had averted a great disaster by stopping her momentum.

The lines that usually move quickly were clogged up.  Every check stand was at least seven customers deep.  The man in front of us turned and announced, “I’m in the slow line again!” 

Don’t people work on Monday?  This was in the middle of the morning.  I guess they must all be pastors.

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