Several years ago I rode with some great friends to a beautiful destination.  After a long hard ride, the hotel was a refreshing sight. Dismounting with a few groans and winces from specific aching body parts, I took in a deep breath and sighed with relief.  That’s when my eyes found new life.

Surrounding our little resort area were a ring of mountains.  These are real mountains, not artificial hills created from mountains of garbage.  Tens of thousands of feet at their peak and rugged ridges tracking over miles of impassable terrain, they are sentinels of the Rocky Mountain Range that force every eye to gasp in wonder.

The valleys and gullies that carve great contours in the mountain side play constant games with the setting of the sunlight.  Shadows make the beauty of this pristine landscape and ever changing canvas of God’s continuous artwork.  The Creator carpets the mountain with acres and acres of evergreen forests.  They drape the rugged terrain with a splash of vibrant shades of green

These forests hide those two bear that galloped across the grounds that we entered on our way into the resort.  Deer, Elk and Big Horn Sheep also call these special areas home.  I stood by the shore of a lake and marveled at the majesty of these immovable sculpters of rock and earth.

Even the weather shifted to accomodate these mountains.  The night engulfed these giants of the land.  In the morning I would see them again.  They would go no where.  Yet, their appearance changed again with the light of the sun decorating these moutains from yet another view.

The road of our next day wove through a course that these mountains dictated generations ago.  We followed the route that they permitted pioneers who first explored this beautiful land to make headway.  Now, these terra giants engulfed me; it was grand!

photo credit: brucefong photography