The weather report suggested that I might have a window of opportunity to be outdoors on my day-off.  That made me smile.  After a deep cleansing breath I made a mental check list in my mind of the things that I would do to fill up my day of rest and recreation.

Once my morning personal commitments were complete, I donned my bicycle riding gear.  The clouds of precipitation were promising to be else where in the country but the cool temperatures were still blanketing the coastline.  My cold weather riding pants would be perfect.

Sir Fuji, my road bike was already loaded in the back of my pickup truck.  Each of the two tires had been pumped up to 110# and felt as solid as a rock.  I was sure to be rolling tightly over the asphalt today.

There was more sunshine than clouds.  I liked that picture as I rolled into a convenient parking spot.  Fluffy clouds, my precise meteorological terminology, slid overhead.

I pushed off and felt the pedals settle into a cadence that would carry me for miles.  The gears shifted smoothly and again I reminded myself that the upgraded components on a bike were worth the extra cost.  Others ride further and faster, but, I ride for the exercise.

Then, a discovery brightened my day.  Barricades blocked the entrance to the Great Highway.  Of course that barrier is for cars.  My bicycle had no problem slipping through the steel gates.

This would be amazing to ride where usually only cars and motorized vehicles drove.  The view of the Pacific Ocean was breath-taking.  In addition the air was filled with the powerful sounds of the surf pounding the beaches.

My steady glide was eventually abruptly cut short.  Up ahead, sand drifts had stretched across the road.  I dismounted and portaged my bike in the air over the particles that love to grind away at bicycle parts.

Once that twenty-foot blockade was crossed it was time to mount up again.  My pedals were spinning, my lungs were filled with fresh sea air and no seagull could land a direct hit on my person.  It was a very good, spectacular and scintillating ride along the Grand Pacific.

photo credit: brucefong photography