First, there are spiritual priorities that should never be violated.  God gives to His children guidelines that help us protect ourselves from dangers and disqualification from His blessings.  If we are unaware, then we may make life changing errors.

The Scriptures are not telling believers to never be in partnership with unbelievers.  Instead, the message of 2 Corinthians points to having no mergers with false apostles.    At the heart of fellowship is a connection that must be consistent with what is most important to us, namely, righteousness.

Unbelievers are not the object of this prohibition.  Rather, the focus is on false teachers.  These are those who know better but do just the opposite. 

Light and darkness cannot contribute to each other.  The only influence is to take over or contaminate the other.  God dwells in us therefore we cannot be comfortable with false teachers who deliberate oppose the living the God.

Embracing God down to the deepest levels of our spiritual intimacy is enough to guide our good choices.  He watches over us and the decisions that He has led us to make.  God not only saves us He also keeps us safe.

We have a responsibility to choose according to His standard of righteousness.  It is not self-proclaimed human self-righteousness.  There are plenty of those kinds of people who feel above others in plucking out splinters. 

God has exclusive rights over His domain.  We who are in His domain, must glorify Him in all of our partnerships, choices and fellowship.  Choose to link up with those who are devoted followers of Jesus; they will make decisions according to His standard of the Word.

He will be our protective Father watching over our lives.  Enjoy the thrill of what connections with others living according to the truth.  It will be a thrilling ride!

2 corinthians 6.14-18

photo credit: brucefong photography