In my mind I rehearsed each phase of my Tuesday schedule. It was going to be a hairy journey but it was also filled with promise.  Chicago was my destination.

With a busy schedule my best choice was to fly into O’Hare, spend my day at a meeting, finish up my training and then hop back on a plane and head back home to San Francisco.  My Assistant, my smart phone would keep me on schedule and keep straight at each of my transition points.

First, I set my telephone alarm clock for an early morning wake up call.  She was precise and completely dependable.  Right at the appointed hour, she gently roused me from a deep sleep. 

Next, I grabbed all of my essentials for this day in the air.  Each of my electronic gizmos were charged and ready to keep me engaged during the long hours in the air and on the ground.  My phone had the details of destinations, contacts, options and connections stored on today’s date. 

It’s amazing that my travelling assistant never mixes up the facts, never injects opinions, never questions the arrangements, never forgets what she is assigned to do and never gets emotionally involved with the fast-paced life that I have to live.  All she requires is a little juice now and then to keep her charged up for the day.  She is also very slender and slips into any open space for storage without any cumbersome accommodations. Slick!

Long term parking made sense on this trip.  It would be just one day.  This was new to me but made for the perfect solution.

I have Fast Trax which provides my truck with tracking unit to charge my account with whatever services I happen to be using that day.  When I pulled into the parking garage, my Fast Trax beeped to my surprise.  The reader told me that I was now validated and welcome to enter, without a ticket.  Slick!

At check-in, a long line of people stood still in the switch back lane.  There were many kiosks that stood ready to check people in but no one budged.  I asked each one in order if they would like to use one of the empty self-serve check-in units, but they each said, “No.”

I had my pick of automated agents to register me into my flight.  Within a matter of minutes I had my boarding pass, put all of my clothes back on after security and even had time to do this blog.  Slick!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography