60 used to be a scary number.  No, if it is a speed limit, that is, mph, then it is too slow.  Nor if the number represents my number in a wait line for the local butcher, it’s boorish not scary.

However, 60 is frightening if this number represents a person’s age.  When I was a long way away from this number, I thought that it was equal to OLD.  Now, that is a scary idea!

In my youth I would gladly hop two stairs at a time.  Leaping up or down a stair case was the joy of locomotion for my early years.  Now, I bless the builders who decided how to measure steps to be similar and have a handrail along both sides of the staircase.

When 60 was a long ways away, I used to eat what I want and whenever good friends wanted to eat.  Fun was the name of the game in my youth.  Now, I thank the LORD for my meal filled with vegis, modest meat portions and supplemented by a variety of horse pills.

There was a time when my career was so busy that 60 seemed like it was off in the distance, separated by the matters of life that would never allow much thought about the later years.  Now, I’m well on the other side of the mountain.  Life is no longer a distant mystery but a real memory and a precious privilege each time the sun rises again.

No doubt that the youth the rush around me think that 60 is really old, as I did when I was their age.  But, now that I am there, it is NOT old.  Instead, it is an honor that the LORD has bequeathed to me the astounding honor of living for Him, teaching His Word, discipling His men and caring for my family.

My children are adults.  They make me very proud.  Each one is not a child to me but someone who has grown and matured into respected productive people. 

This year my bride and I will celebrate 35 years together.  We have made it through good times and bad.  Together we have deepened a devotion and love that defies explanation but clearly defines life.

60 is no longer scary.  Instead, it is a welcome moment to keep on with the richness of blessing.  His grace has been fabulous and at this age I feel outstanding!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography