I have a new hat.  My kids sent me some money for Christmas and let me pick out my next lid.  It wasn’t a shopping spree, it was a major hunting adventure.

I stopped in at a couple of shops and took a look at what they had to offer.  Stetson is such a great hat company.  You can feel the quality from the moment you pick up one of their hats to the time it settles on your head.

But, I couldn’t find a style that I wanted to add to what I already had.  Then, something caught my eye.  It was a Stetson in the traditional Gambler’s style.

It looked fabulous.  The weight was good.  It was also made in a crushable felt material. 

When I put it on, it was too small.  The store didn’t have any other sizes.  All of the big sizes had already found noggins to keep warm.

Months went by as I casually took a look now and then.  The money was still unspent even though Christmas was months ago.  Suddenly, a whisper came to my ears.

“Bullhide” was what I heard.  “Styling” was also what I heard.  Then, I saw it. 

In the style of fatigued cowboy hat style, this lid was made from bullhide, tough, heavy, perfect.  Even the fragrance of manly leather called for me to take this cover piece home.  With two hands I settled it on my head. 

I was smiling when I went to look in a mirror.  It was the one!  After shaking my head to make sure that the fit was just right, I laid down the money that had been patiently waiting to spring loose a captive into the freedom of the Fongster’s crown.

I love my new hat.  My kids are terrific to let good ol’ dear dad have his stylistic liberties.  Keep your campfires burning brightly, your hospitality on the range open to weary travelers and your canteens filled with the freshest water that the Good LORD has rained down on earth for our refreshment.  Yehaw!

photo credit: brucefong cell phone photography