I love what I do not do: dance!  Yeah, of all the reality shows I enjoy peeking in on Dancing with the Stars.  Cheryl is my favorite pro.

But, so many of the pros are amazing.  Their ability to take their life long craft and teach rank amateurs how to move on the dance floor is amazing.  Just the teaching skills and gifts that the professionals have is fun to watch.

As an educator, I like the clips of the dancers learning a new dance.  The tough moments, disappointments, humor and joy of getting it right are all of the dynamics that we teachers experience when we pass on knowledge and skills to our students.

The glitz is there.  There is showmanship on every turn.  All three judges are very good at what they do.

Len, Carrie Ann and Bruno keep adding the details of what dance is all about as the show goes on.  The celebrities show personality and tenacity to overcome the difficult.  Even though I don’t dance a step I have watched enough to get a feel for which stars are long-termers and which ones are biding their time to make an exit.

Drama in the eliminations is always filled with drum rolls, musical crescendo and announcers’ timing are the producer’s edge.  They are balanced between advertisements.  The crowd jumps in with gusto.

Sure, Len gets a lot of boos.  Carrie Ann and Bruno keep the cheers and laughter going.  All three know so much about dance and I learn a lot from listening to them.

No, I don’t publish pictures of the cast.  Some, thankfully very very few, don’t like it when skin is showing.  For me, I love the movement, the fun, the energy and the partnership between the dancers. 

Live music adds to the show.  It is spicy when it needs to be, dynamic when power pushes the steps and melodic when smooth gentle lines of posture helps the dancers glide across the floor.

One of my favorite parts of the show are numbers where the pros strut their stuff with their fellows.  It is amazing what they can do.  They show how artistry and athleticism blend into one.

I really missed out in my past with a voluminous hole where I never learned how to dance.  The past can’t be changed and the present is way too close to hurting myself if I try to move like them.  I wiggle my toes some during the show.  Surely that counts!