What is unusual leaves a lasting impression.  A walk through the Conservatory gave us several of those special moments.  I’m not a flower-kind of guy but I did marvel at so many blooms that I saw.

At first I thought that the word delicate described the exotic fauna.  But, they are actually tough.  They grow in inhospitable climates.

These remarkable combinations leave me wondering how anyone could see them and believe that they are a product of chance.  Instead, it makes sense to me that there is a design here.  It is not just a design but a masterful creative act that came up with the variety and intricacies that I see.

Color combinations are stunning.  Shapes are continguous yet symetrical too.  As marvelous as these flowers are there is a reptition that is reproduced with each bloom. 

Then, there is something unique about each variety.  Orchids capture many of those exotic flowers.  Sometimes there was only a single plant.  At other times there were was a mass section of the garden covered with the same plants.

God knew what He was doing when He designed these marvels of the garden.  No one could have come up with the endless variety from a human mind.  The quickness of our visit slowed down considerably.

A very unique plant captured my attention.  It was a cactus growing out of a pot.  Gardeners had placed this specimen on a large roack.

Who thought of this figured it correctly.  The single bloom from this prickly plant was larger than the cactus.  It looked like a star fish that had just been reshaped to enter into space as an alien traveler.  This was truly a remarkable sight.

Whether the unique flowers were large or small, odd or stunning they each captured my attention for a few moments.  Very smart people know the names of these living plants.  Very very smart people know the scientific names of them.  I just liked what I saw and enjoyed the show.

One of my personal weaknesses is that I don’t have an aesthetic eye for color combinations and shades, nuances or subtleties associated with anything artistic.  God does not have that problem. While I could never do it let alone understand it, I could deeply appreciate such a skillful God who has not only done these amazing things but He made them alive destined for repeat performances every Spring. 

photo credit: brucefong photography