Have you ever had such a busy collection of days that you couldn’t remember when it all began?  This past weekend was one of those doozy times.  It  was impossible to avoid this collision of engagements.

First, I had agreed to teach a lesson to our teachers on a Saturday morning.  Whenever my staff ask me to help them, I am there.  It’s about supporting what they do with my involvement in their duties.

Second, my normal responsibilities call for me to preach on Sunday.  When I preach at Sunset Church, I preach two times.  That is a thrill in my life that I don’t give up easily.

Third, we had been trying to gather our elders for dinner at our house for over a month.  The Sunday evening of this past weekend was that time.  After all that effort to bring these fabulous men and their wives together was an evening that I did not want to cancel.

Fourth, we had a guest coming in for the weekend.  He was a guest of our church and our elders needed to spend some time with him.  I had to be there.

Fifth, we were all surprised by the passing of one of the men in our church.  I was with the family during the week.  They asked me to officiate the service.  This is a pastoral duty that can’t be passed up.

Sixth, I had accepted the invitation to speak at a retreat in August.  That seems like a long time before I am pressed to prepare but they need to organize a handbook with materials for small groups.  They needed the discussion questions from me ASAP.

Seventh, this next week I am headed to a conference up north.  I am to speak seven times.  That doesn’t happen without a lot of advance work. 

For the first couple of events I was tired from long days of studying.  But, as each event passed I began losing more energy than I could replenish.  I was getting tired!

By Saturday night I was feeling like I was without any energy reserves.  But, I stayed up late finishing my message for Sunday morning.  Then, I was up early to get to church on time.

By the time we welcomed our guests of Sunday night dinner, I was semi-catatonic.  Once I could tell that my eyes were at half-mast during the middle of a conversation.  Time to go to bed, early.  Night!

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