My family and I settled into our seats.  The movie Act of Valor was now in a second run theater.  So many have seen the fmilm and we were late in getting a common time to see what all of the excitement was about.

The idea of actual US Navy SEALS taking on the lead role in this film was intriguing.  Critics didn’t like it.  They had posted their opinion and it was there in black and white for anyone to see.

Yet, the viewers overwhelmingly had a differing view.  To them the movie was a hit.  They liked it.

Since 9.11 our nation has had a heightened sense of security on our own soil.  That concern is not just for empty hopes for a peaceful day.  Instead, there is an ugly reality that enemies of our nation want to hurt us.

It is not a matter of reasoning or capitulating or appeasing these terrorists.  Instead, it is a matter of tough heroic actions to fight against them.  When these brigands kidnap a US female agent, abuse her mercilessly and feel brave about their cowardly deeds, who will come to her rescue?

Diplomacy is out of place against the evils of the our enemies.  They don’t act reasonably nor function rationally.  Instead, they are reprobates with blood-thirsty appettites for evil. 

Our select highly trained forces risk their lives and subject their families to horrific stresses so that Americans can be safe.  They launch a rescue for the lone citizen of our great land who is being tortured.  It’s not just a scene of the ugly Americans picking on lessor people. 

What is right is featured when our forces fight their way into the dark corners of the enemy, recapture a fellow American, fight their way to safety and advance to the next mission without personal bravado.  They get the job done.  Courage with training and teamwork are on display that make every American proud that this is what a good nation can do for their own when attack insidiously by terrorists.

I’ll admit it; I am a patriot.  When you cut my skin, I bleed red, white and blue.  The story of America’s finest doing a surgical strike against enemies to rescue an American service person is fantastic.

If you love this nation and its ability to protect our founding liberties and freedoms, then, this movie is worth seeing.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography