My day has been busy.  It took me so long to plan my day with a long list of to-do items that I was shocked how far the morning had unwound by the time I was ready to tackle my list.  That’s getting too busy!

We have been short-staffed for a long time.  I would have to review the job description of our team to remember what we are actually supposed to be doing.  My list gets so long that I cheat and plan stuff on my day-off.  Yikes!

Often I do a working lunch.  I grab from my storage drawer my choice for the noon meal.  There are several options.

Today it would be a can of sardines in oil.  Last week it was sardines in mustard.  It is very healthy for you.

The nutritional value of the Omega 3’s is worth the effort.  Simplicity also matches the meal.  Iced tea from my personal refrigerator complete my meal.

A bite of the little fishes gives me a chance to search my computer for documents and files to combine for a report that I will be giving soon.  Then, another bite of my oil rich meal gives me a chance to look over another pertinent file.  Time is invested well.

A meeting starts in 30 minutes.  I must attend.  But, it takes away from my preparation time. 

I bought some flexibility with the sardines.  There is no travel time for grabbing lunch at an eatery.  My computer keeps me productive even during the lunch hour.

Oh, the quantity doesn’t fill me up too much.  That way I’m not getting too sleepy at 230PM.  Don’t you hate that mental afternoon fog and the bouncing head that gives rubber necking a good name?

It’s a fast lunch.  It is a working lunch.  I feel great knowing that I crept in and stole some time from the day to get more done than was humanly possible. 

Technically, it isn’t fast food that crept into my day.  Rather it was a fast lunch.  There’s a difference, isn’t there? 

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography