It is Saturday.  This is an unusual one for me.  Normally, this is a work day. 

Yes, I am a preacher therefore, since Sunday is a big work day, I have to use a lot of the hours on Saturday to prepare.  There is no way to take Saturday off when I need to speak on Sunday.  Everyone who makes a living as a speaker understands this demands of the mind and soul.

But, a habit of life is hard to change.  I was up and wide awake at 5:30AM.  My mind was racing with all that I wanted to do on my rare sixth day of rest.

No, I don’t think that I have to physically rest, sleep in or take a nap.  It’s what I don’t do on this day that will make it a day of rest.  What I do with enthusiasm for days on end, I now take a break and refresh my mind, soul and spirit. 

Yvonne and I don’t talk about the ministry at all.  Mental rest is important.  That actually is very challenging because the lives of the people we love and serve are always on our mind.

Then, I don’t open my books to study.  Research and reading fill up every day of my life.  Thinking has to be redirected today.

Quietly I let my bride enjoy her rest.  I began my day washing up and enjoying some entertainment.  It’s a treat to curl up in a comfortable seat and open up my e-book, knocking off a couple of chapters of my Western adventure.

I heard Yvonne stirring as the sunlight flooded our bedroom.  We smiled at each other to start our day.  While she washed up, I stole out to bring home some breakfast.

Yvonne and I love to have a breakfast of rice porridge when we get a chance to relax.  It is juiced up with ground pork and duck eggs.  It’s a cultural thing, and what a wonderful cultural treat it is.

We like to call it comfort food.  It is piping hot.  After a casual breakfast of sharing this kind of inexpensive simple food, we feel ready to start our day with stirring anticipation.

I especially like this unique meal because the clean-up is so easy.  After rinsing two bowls and two spoons, I toss them into the dishwasher and we are out of the house to enjoy our day of rest!

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