“Sibling” is a funny word.  Oh, now wait.  I don’t find humor in the meaning of the term.  I just chuckle at the word itself; isn’t it odd?

I am blessed with three siblings.  My sister leads the way and in many ways has been the “leader of the pack” from our childhood and continues on into our adulthood. 

After her we three brothers follow.  She is still the top dog.  Always has been and always will be.

This time, however, I would have to make an accommodation.  The drive into the Capital of California from San Francisco is a two-hour drive.  Both ways would suck up four hours.

Emails flew between my siblings.  I jumped in and committed Yvonne and me to the plans.  We would rendezvous to spend some time together.

First, we would gather at my sister’s place.  Then, we would head out for lunch together.  After lunch we would head over to the Funeral home.

My older brother hitched a ride with Yvonne and me.  We had an endless conversation on the way into the city.  It was a pleasant time to reminisce.

At my sister’s house the five of us joined in on some fun conversation.  We caught up with our busy lives.  Then, it was time for lunch.

Together we headed out for a local BBQ eatery.  We didn’t have any preplanned routine but I chuckled.  Four of us ordered Beef Ribs. 

Take note of the kind of ribs we ordered.  Most are familiar with pork ribs.  That is the common fare when chomping away on bone in meat.

This, however, was beef.  It’s a totally different kind of dining experience.  The flavor is distinct, the quantity is unique, that texture is tender and the fragrance is out of this world.

Our waitress could see that this was not just about food.  There was something deep involved here.  It was a family swarm taking on a culinary challenge together. 

No one said, “Go!”  But, I did say grace.  After thanking our Heavenly Father for His bounty, I concluded with “Amen.”

The chomping began in earnest.  Napkins were piled high at the center of the table.  They were gone in a matter of minutes.

When the wind died down and the clanging of utensils were silenced, only bones lay on our plates.  We looked up and laughed.  The family had entered, overcome and were now satisfied.

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