Fog has a way of diluting smiles.  Cheer is always challenged by the heavy humidity that fills the air.  Like a mind that is bewildered by a metaphorical cloud, the real thing is just as disorienting.

Massive clouds roll in off the Pacific Ocean and sit here over our part of the city.  From our house to the highway it is a steep climb that only thrusts us deeper into the limited visibility.  I can feel the delight of my heart beginning to drain away.

The good thing is that this inclement weather is not immediately dangerous, unless of course you have to drive through it.  Yes, Yvonne and I have to drive through it.  My truck can handle the fog fine, but it’s the other drivers that give me great concern.

My normal commute route climbs hundreds of feet in a short one mile to the highway intersection.  I’ve driven it enough times to feel confident that I know where I’m going.  But, I can’t see who’s coming from behind or what lies ahead.  That uncertainty is nerve-wracking.

I drop my speed from my normal good weather drive.  Now, I am straining to look through the cloud.  All of my senses are keenly dulled from years of over-use. 

My fog lights are on but I can’t tell except that the dashboard light indicates that they are.  They do not help in this thick atmospheric soup.  My speed is deliberately reduced.

Suddenly dim lights appear in my rearview mirror.  Whoever that nut case is they are driving too fast for the conditions.  In a matter of seconds she is tailgating me.

I slow down even more as I wade through the brackish cloud bank that has me firmly in its grip.  My tailgater is still hanging tight.  Again  I slow down for the signal light that is coming up on the highway.

Caution pays off.  The signal lights don’t come into view until you are right on them.  They are red and traffic is pouring through the intersection.

Once through the signal light our descent into the valley is rapid.  Almost instantly the visibility is restored.  We have dropped below the low hanging clouds.

My tailgater who used me as a personal guide is now free.  She picks up speed and passes me quickly.  I catch up with her at the next light.

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