The wait at SFO was typical.  My flight was scheduled to leave at 7.30AM so I was dutifully present at 5.30AM.   I  park in long-term parking, grab a shuttle to the terminal, check in, make my way through security and find my gate.  It was going to be a very long day.

Once at the waiting area, hoards of people crowded into the waiting area.  It always strikes me as an odd contrast when the streets of a major USA city are void of traffic during the early hours of the day but here at the airport it is bustling.

This was going to be a different trip.  I had decided to only take carry-on luggage with me.  Two trips ago in March I flew to Florida and my luggage didn’t make it.

That’s got to be very close to the definition of inconvenience.  After travelling all day long in the same clothes, I was ready for a shower and a change into some fresh duds.  But, the bad news would prevent that.

When I went to the carousel that displayed everyone’s suitcases, mine wasn’t there.  Rats!  My only recourse was to check with the lost luggage clerk.  She was amazing.

I produced my luggage tag.  She tracked my bag on her computer.  It was still in Atlanta, my stop-over on my way to South Carolina.

All of our information was exchanged.  I was assured that my bag would be on the next flight from Georgia.  Once it arrived a delivery company would personally deliver to me in Spartanburg, SC.

Have you ever had strangers make promises to you?  On the outside I was smiling.  But inside I was dubious.

Once in my destination city I was ready for some fresh clothes and to wash up.  But, all of that stuff was in my suitcase in another state.  Rats!

I try not to clutter my life with worry.  It’s no fun fretting about anything that I can’t change.  Those who are the pros are doing all that can be to correct the problem.

So, I go to dinner with my hosts.  Yes, I’m still in the clothes that I put on at 4AM and it is now evening.  Near midnight I get a phone call from the desk clerk. 

My luggage has arrived!  She delivers it personally to my room.  It’s so nice to see an empty luggage rack now filled with something very familiar.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photo