We have been friends for years.  Our lives have been directed into positions of leadership that have surprised us both.  In the course of being in the chair where the buck stops, we are deeply sympathetic toward each other.

My role has been changed.  Just as I simply followed God’s directives that led me into the office of leadership I have also followed His sovereignty to relocate to into roles of shepherding.  Questioning Him in times of elation, responsibility or pain is never productive; obedience and trust are sufficient.

Wherever He has led me I do the same thing.  That calling has not changed. Implementing a priority on preaching the Word, loving people and discipling men have been my priorities for generations and will continue to be.

My friend leads a school that God has powerfully used over generations.  They have produced amazing individuals who have served the LORD all around the globe.  It is an honor to not only be an alumnus but also to pray for the school regularly over the week.

Now, he has asked me to consider a very special invitation.  It has blown me away.  Never have I ever thought that this would ever be a real option for me.

Dallas Theological Seminary has called on me to serve as the Dean of DTS-Houston.  DTS has a full campus in Houston and I am ecstatic to accept God calling in this direction.  To be a part of what invested so significantly in my life is stunning.

Houston has surpassed New York as the most diverse city in the USA.  That demographic alone is exciting.  The church and DTS-Houston can model what the impact of the Gospel is all about.

As the Spirit calls those who God touches into the ministry, we can now train them to handle the Word well.  Those who lead others in the Word can love the people who gather to hear the Scriptures made clear.  They will also need to stand firm against the wiles of the Devil, persevere against the trials from enemies and remain resilient as they endure the demands of ministry to people.

I look forward to being a part of shaping those lives that God has called to ministry.  Cheering them on and training them to withstand all that come up against will be my commitment.  God is moving us to Texas and I am ecstatic!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography