Like most guys, I pride myself in an ability to multi-task.  Of course I do that pride thing quietly.  Except for my wife of course; I tell her.  She is quite entertained by my bragging that usually goes before a fall.

During my transition from California to Texas I divide my time easily.  Today I was up at 5AM taking care of Texas stuff.  It was plenty of time before I had to get ready to get to my San Francisco office before 8AM.

For some reason, however, multi-tasking gets some of my wires crossed.  Synapses seem to be firing but just a bit out-of-order.  There were a couple of times where I just couldn’t handle the overload.

Yvonne left for her work.  We usually leave together.  This morning I was behind on my best laid plans.  It was time to buck up and “git ‘er done!”   

Instead of letting several failed attempts at a project for Texas get me down, I forced myself to make several choices.  Once I had those efforts completed I sent in my project.  It was done.

Now, the clock was ticking and it was time to shift back to California.  Thinking through my day I gathered all of the items that I needed to make it a productive day in SF.  Our staff was going to meet, I had projects to complete, phone calls to make and several keys items to plan.

At last I was ready to head into the office.  I grabbed my keys, phone and wallet.  Then, I leaned down to grasp my backpack filled with a day’s work. 

Next, I trotted out the garage door and skipped toward the opening as the sunshine flooded our vehicle bay.  That’s when I realized that my multi-tasking was missing a beat.  I froze in my tracks and shook my head at myself with great disappointment.

Sheepishly I turned back to the house.  I dropped my backpack by the door.  There was a pause as I stared at my feet.

I was still wearin’ my house slippers.  Maybe I was going to a PJ party.  Is there a sleep over in my schedule?  If I just threw a toothbrush into my backpack I’d be all set. 

It was a good laugh.  Time to slow down and let my brain catch up with my schedule.  I chuckled all the way to my office.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography