Happy Mother’s Day!

It was a stroke of genius to those who started the annual day of recognizing that one person in our life who is always working for us.  Tireless days of making sure that our day goes well, that our tomorrow goes equally as well and do all she can to insure that our many tomorrows can be a reality.

God gave them a mind and heart and will to serve our little needs that erupt into her schedule being filled with the errands for the benefit of her children.  After days and weeks and months of this serving-others-routine very little has her name on anything.  She ignores and passes on stuff that will be just for her.

Her plans for us have made sure that we have our breakfast to start our day.  She has made and collected the essentials for our nutritious bag lunch to take to school.  Work outside of the home awaits her so that there is enough of a financial source to provide a roof over our heads, gas for the car and clothes that are clean and pressed.

Clark Kent has nothing over our mom.  She has endurance that will vie successfully in comparison to the man of steel.  Our moms are our woman of Kevlar.

This one day isn’t a satisfying celebration for the sacrifices she has done for us.  Instead, it is a reminder, a respite to force her to stop her incessant service so that we can tell her how much we appreciate all that she does for our entire year.  Besides, we get to enjoy the party too.

The flowers make her smile.  She pauses and drinks in the fragrance of the bouquet.  hesitatingly, she strokes the gift certificate to her favorite store, wondering if it is ok to spend that kind of money on herself instead of us.

Small confections welcome her to taste what is only for the experience of the moment.  It is wonton indulgence that gives a moment of pure enjoyment.  There are no chores, no worries and no concerns for just a few minutes: savor, rest and bask.

Yup, Moms, we love you.  We thank you.  Don’t worry about cleaning up after this party.  There’s plenty of time for you to put that off until tomorrow.  Happy Mother’s Day!  Oh, ok, take the whole week off!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography