There was a time when walking was a challenge.  My feet would not stand up to any strolls beyond the distance beyond kicking a can.  Those were tough days.

Pain was the problem.  Yet, my schedule was merciless.  Even though I journeyed from airport to airport, being stricken with unusual pain made for an excruciating journey.

I well remember in an international airport looking for any handrail to make my footsteps take me to my next destination.  A wheel chair looked very appealing when I passed it.  Instead, I gritted my teeth and kept up my faith walk with prayers for God’s relief.

Ahead, I was enthused to see a mechanized moving floor.  If I could make it there I could just stand on the right side and catch my breath.  I was counting on a respite for the next series of painful steps.

Ah, the relief of making it to the moving sidewalk was wonderful.  It is a nuisance to some people but I relished in the relief from the pain.  Of course I stood there looking cool and collected. 

When we can’t be in control at least we can look like we are.  That is the guy code.  It’s not pride, it is machismo.

By the time that I came to end of the moving sidewalk, I noticed a considerable drop in the foot pain.  Gingerly, I made the next few steps to the next moving sidewalk and was pleasantly surprised that my destination was easily reached.  Whatever was bothering my foot was now quieting down.

Oh, what a relief it is to sense surprising pain go away.  I didn’t know the cause but I was not going to complain about the ease of my now very happy feet.  That ugly duckling part of the human anatomy was now feeling very good.

The walkway was the cushioned kind.  It was springy and gave me the sense of a load taken away.  I hid my pain easily since it was clearly fading away.

After that rugged trip my doctor gave me an exam.  Now, that annoying phenomenon called arthritis is under control.  What was once frustrating is now a mental precaution. 

When I walk through an airport, I appreciate the walk without pain as well as the moving walkways.  Footpower is amazing.  Hail to the feet!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography