Everyone was alerted to the coming scientific phenomena.  It would only make its appearance once in a blue moon.  This is the kind of event that God displays in His creation for all of us to marvel.

Special care needs to be taken of course.  A solar eclipse needs some simple precautions.  No one wants to damage their eyesight carelessly.

The moon is in its normal orbit, but this time it passes between the sun and the earth.  The shadow that is cast tracks across the earth.  Certain parts of the world’s population get to experience the phenomenon of the sun going dark.

It is a stunning event.  Quickly the light of day is extinguished.  It happens rapidly and the time of day is puzzling if information is scarce.

In my past I remember a full solar eclipse.  Day was turned into night and I could see stars in the heavens during daylight hours.  It was spectacular!

Now, in anticipation of that special moment cameras point skyward.  People have put this moment on their calendars.   The experience will be momentous. 

God has timed the event perfectly.  Scientists have observed the patterns put into the solar system.  The announcement, the anticipation, the expectation and declare the marvel as all eyes turn to the heavens.

We wouldn’t be able to see the ring of fire, but we could share in enough.  It was very cool!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography