The day was incredibly busy.  Both of us had the “wind down” pressures to perform the day’s duties and also to initiate the plans to wrap up both of our jobs for life.  To-do lists are long, dynamic and smiles along the way need to be intentionally injected. 

My tasks for the day were done.  It was with deep satisfaction that I could check so many errands off of my list.  I felt tired, deeply tired.

In a few minutes I rolled into the parking lot to collect Yvonne.  She needed some help gathering her items to bring home.  Her school year is coming to a close.

She sank into her passenger seat, breathing a sigh of relief.  Her smile told me that she had had a satisfying but exhausting day as well.  Our route home was quick, eventless and relaxing.

Once we pulled into our driveway, it was time to unload our gear.  But, a sudden realization smacked my bride on the side of her head.  “Where’s my phone?”

We looked every where that it could possibly be.  She checked every one of her pockets and searched my pick-up truck too.  The only choice was to return to her school before the janitor locked up the building.

Off we went, too tired to really want to do this but knowing that it was a “had to be done” journey.  We arrived just as the custodian was closing the door to Yvonne’s building.  He waited for us to make a desperate dash to find the missing cellphone – success!

Now, we were both really tired.  The thought of going home to cook, do the dishes and clean up the kitchen had no appeal.  We surrended to a better idea.

We drove up to small little eatery that we have frequented in the past. The owner was alone in the smallish establishment.  We sat down but left the menus on the table.

The specials were on the chalk board.  That sounded good to us.  He took our orders and traded them with two cups of hot tea and hot water. 

Ease returned to our tired bodies.  Like a soothing massage, the tasty fare made us both sigh with satisfaction.  Quiet, delicious and no dishes to wash made for a fine evening for two very tired puppies.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography