When I need a break, I climb into our elevator and press 3.  After the doors open again, I’m on the roof of Sunset Church.  A few steps takes me to the wall over which I can view the mighty Pacific Ocean.

Over head flocks of seagulls cruise on the thermals in search of their daily findings for food.  A pair of black birds fly past as they harass the much larger but not nearly as agile crow.  Two mourning dove coo on the telephone wires uninterested in the plight of the black feathered neighbors of the sky.

It’s windy.  The few trees in the Sunset district are bending under the power of the breeze.  Moving air makes its presence known on the seas with whitecaps as far out as the eye can see.

The Ocean seems endless.  It sits as a ribbon of movement from the South to the North.  If you listen you can even hear the waves breaking on the sandy beaches.

Houses are densely packed into our neighborhood.  Tiny houses serve as a habitat for many people  A thousand square feet serves a family with many children packed in even tighter with grandparents, distant cousins and their families as well.

Everyone scatters in the morning taking advantage of public transportation to head off to work.  All during the day various people head out to fill up shifts that keep their American dream alive.  Some day with the right schooling and the diligence of work and hopefully a good break or two, they will get to where they want to go.

The life of every person in our neighbor is a burden to our LORD.  No one is left out of His passion and love.  While this was my home I poured my energy into impacting people who call this place home. 

They may wonder if anyone cares or if their life is at all valuable.  But, the temptation to cynically assume anonymity would be wrong.  The Almighty is deeply concerned and cares for everyone who is human and draws breath. 

This amazing neighborhood is the field of His harvest.  He has put Sunset Church in the middle of it to touch the neighbors with the eternal love of His grace.  What a wonderful God to give His only Son, Jesus Christ, so that all would have a chance for eternity.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography