This is a BIG anniversary.  35 years together is a long time.  When strangers hear about it, they marvel and congratulate us. 

We were planning something really BIG for this event in our lives.  Hawaii was on the list.  Each time that we have been there we never get enough of paradise.

Then, we talk about Hong Kong.  That’s an exotic destination.  One of my best friends is serving the Lord there and it would have been fabulous to experience that amazing city with its incomparable seafood meals.

There was a temptation to look at Europe.  We have never been able to get to the continent.  Switzerland is only a memory from postcards sent from others. 

But God had different plans for us.  Our anniversary two-week vacation providentially was the best time to plan a trip to our new assignment, Houston, Texas.  This land of hot summers was our 35th wedding anniversary destination.

We laugh about this turn of events but it’s life and eternity all mixed into one.  However, we made the moment memorable with good food, making new friends and sheer relaxation after a lot of busy running around.  Of course food had to be a part of this journey.

Yvonne was shy about her order.  With a smile I urged her to order what she would not normally order when sensitive to price.  When I suggested the grilled lobster, she lit up and enthusiastically accepted.

My choice was a great match with the celebration at hand.  Rack of lamb always makes my mouth water but I usually pass since it is a spendy selection.  But, this was a very special occasion.

When our meals were delivered, we were giddy in anticipation.  Of course we shared.  That’s the beauty of many years together.

This was definitely a surf and turf meal.  What fun!  It was a fine evening topped with freshly baked chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies.

Happy Anniversary, Yvonne!  I love you!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography