There is a well-known super mega outdoor sporting goods store located in Katy, Texas.  Everyone who loves to fish, hunt, hike and camp knows about this center for supplies, gear and equipment.  It was on my list of places to visit during our vacation to Houston.

We had a break in the action and the store was within eyesight of our travels.  Gently I turned the car to head in that direction.  It was a sensible option.

There were a score of other shops and stores attached to this mall complex.  But, we entered through the outdoor store.  Immediately I was smiling.

Outside every sort of outdoor boat was on display.  Fishing boats for every type of warm water fish were situated to lure in the next customer.  One of the latest bass boats was on raised display, set at an angle and turning at 360 degrees to show every feature.

Right at the store entrance were all the different sizes and styles of 4×4 ATV’s.  Some were for solo riding, others two up and even one with room for four.  Every camo pattern in the creative mind decked each of these powerful units.

Taxidermy were everywhere.  A massive Eland on a pedestal mount was at the entrance.  It was flanked by a hartebeest.

Then, I stopped short.  I read the sign, thought and laughed.  Oh, brother!

Are we who frequent the out-of-doors really that big into exaggeration?  I don’t think so.  The fish that got away really was that big!

When I saw that buck walked in front of me I did accidentally shoot that tree instead, just to give it a chance to grow a little bigger for the next year.  Besides, it would have been a long way to carry it back to the truck.  I was enjoying the relaxation of the moment and really didn’t want to be disturbed.

Oh, yeah, that flock of geese was at least 2,000 birds.  I know that I said it was only a 1,000 but I tried to report my estimation conservatively just to validate the veracity of the event.  In fact I was so busy guessing on how many that flew over that I never got around to taking any home for the freezer.

Sure, in the heat of the exciting moments in the outdoors I may have stretched the accuracy of numbers, size and situation but from an accounting perspective it was creative.  But, liar?  Not me!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography