When you’re in Texas, you have to schedule at least one meal at a BBQ joint.  Texans have a way of putting ribs on a grill and making the mouth of the most discriminating taste water up a tsunami.  They have been doing for so long and they pride themselves in this culinary delight.

In addition to pork ribs, they also waft the olfactory nerves with the aroma of perfectly smoked brisket.  This cut of beef is tough, undesirable but amazingly transformed by the knowledgable Cowboy grill master.  The coloring is amazing and your mouth waters uncontrollably when you get close.

Sausage is a winner too.  The sweats on a link of Polish or Brats signal that it’s time sit down for dinner.  They are juicy, succulent and flavorful.

Add some baked beans, slaw and okra and the meal makes a perfectly balanced presentation.  It tastes great too.  Locals directed us to a nearby BBQ favorite.

We ordered our meal and sat down.  Then, I paused not only to thank the LORD for the meal, but also to take in the surrounding ambiance appropriate for our dining pleasure.  Scenery helps the experience of dinner very special.

On one wall there is a row of amazing elk heads.  They are shoulder and head mounts.  Their racks are stunning.

Interspersed among the elk are deer heads, game fish replicas and varmints of every kind.  Another wall had a young bear climbing through the limbs of a tree.  Then, to top it all off there was a full mount of an 8 foot tall grizzly on its hind legs challenging the world.

A moose head with a representative set of antlers welcomed guests at the front door.  A few game birds were also mounted to give the royalty of the air some space as well.  Then, taking up its appropriate space was an American Bison in all of its shaggy glory.

But, I had to laugh at the central decorative piece.  It was a mastodon.  The shaggy head of the ancient elephant was massive.

The BBQ sauce had some kick to it.  Every one of the pork ribs was tender and juicy at the same time.  That is what good grilled food tastes like.

Put it all together with the beautiful company of my bride and it was a perfect man’s night out.  Great food, fabulous wife and amazing trophies from someone who Biblically subdued the earth make for a perfect evening in Texas.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography