Temperatures that soar into the stratosphere elicits a barrage of human complaints.  When people melt under the blistering sun they get grumpy, weary and sour.  They fuss and act weird.

Crime increases in warm climates but decreases in cold climates.  At least that’s what I’ve heard and it seems to make sense.  Even the criminals don’t like it outside when the thermometers spike.

But, there is a feature about hot weather that is easily overlooked.  There is no scientific data on this.  Rather it is totally substantiated by undocumented random stories. 

High heat temperatures bring out the creativity in the human mind.  While they are surrounded by complainers, whiners and grouchy people, others who are just as hot are thinking about ways to overcome the discomfort.  This is the amazing bi-product of living through the 90’s.

Creative people deal with what cannot be changed.  Fussing is set aside, left to others and creative people find ways to combat those uncomfortable days.  It’s fun to hang with them.

One of those great solutions in Houston is to seek out a shaved ice shop.  I first had my shaved ice in Hawaii.  Now, I have been the beneficiary of a creative human who knows how to beat the heat.

We found the recommendation.  It’s in a plaza in Chinatown.  There are many shops on this strip of Bellaire.

There were colorful posters on the window.  The outside heat was at 93. Stepping into this shop with its cold treats felt good for multiple reasons.

We ordered a mango strawberry milk shaved ice.  It was delightful to look at.  Two spoons and one treat made for a fun moment.

I dug into the flaky ice shavings, drenched with milk and fruit juice.  Chunks of mango mixed with a small amount of strawberry ice cream added to the delicious moment.

If you have never had shaved ice, it is very different from the carnival style snow cone.  The shaved ice is almost fluffy.  It absorbs the flavors used to make the masterpiece.

The condensed milk smooths the treat even more.  It blends the fruit and creaminess for a perfect aromatic cool treat.  I loved it!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography