Whenever any of us take in a vacation we all put together a list of great stuff to do.  Something on that list is usually related to food, right?  Our destination has some unique cuisine features that put a little spice into the time away from our hard work.

I’m visiting Houston for a vacation.  Of course I brought a list of stuff to fill up our days here in land where everything is just bigger.  There are people see, new friends to make, sites to see and of course new foods to try.

There is the standard of Texas BBQ.  That was so good.  The atmosphere was appropriate too.

Shaved ice during these hot days was very special.  That refreshing treat reminded me of tropical memories of the islands.  But, that quickly evaporated when the cold and tart flavors eased the hot temperatures outside.

But, tonight I had to find a way to check-off a meal that I hoped to add to our vacation journey.  It’s famous here in the South.  Not every place makes it the same.

Some love the spicy Cajun flavor.  That’s the same knock-out tastes that emerge from New Orleans.  But, others do a unique Texas spice combination that blend the boiling process of this prolific crustacean. 

The meal that I wanted to experience was a crawfish dinner.  Some call them tiny lobsters.  They look similar but are miniscule by comparison.

But, I would applaud the flavor loudly.  Texans know how to make a lite meal taste really good.  You don’t get filled up but you know that you have enjoyed the experience.

Several shake their head and remark, “Too much work for so little meat.”  Ha!  But, I had great company for dinner.  I always enjoy Yvonne’s company and that made the meal special.

Participation is a big part of a crawfish dinner.  Some people don’t like their dinner staring back at them.  Others recoil thinking, “These are bugs!”  Ha!

For me my meal had a few sides that complimented the main course.  Green beans, mussels and BBQ fish added to the evening fair.  This seafood medley was just right.

Yvonne just watched me from the other side of the table.  She found it entertaining while she quietly enjoyed her meal I was busy cracking, separating and finally chomping down on a tiny morsel, the reward of the work of shelling.  Too fun!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography