Everyone has their personal taste for music.  The genres are as varied as human tastes.  Some are purists and others are eclectic.

I have tried so many kinds of music.  Over my growing many years on this earth, I have tasted pop, rock, classical, easy listening, jazz and broadway.  Nothing really sticks for any length of time.

But, years ago I suddenly realized that I could understand what Country artists were singing.  It made me think about the story as well as enjoy the melody lines.  Before I knew it, Country was always playing on my radio and iPod.

Then, I moved to California.  Here in San Francisco new acquaintances told me about the local Country radio station.  I tuned in and enjoyed several months of my favorite kind of tunes and artists.

But sadly, the radio station turned its genre from Country music to sports talk.  I was bewildered.  Did we really need another sports talk radio station in the Bay Area?

For the next few months I tried to connect with my iPod.  But my limited song selections eventually left me frustrated.  I resorted to searching for secondary genres on my radio.

Sometimes jazz kept me interested.  Once in a while classical attracted me.  Light rock sometimes occupied my attention.

Then, someone suggested that I try internet radio.  That was a challenge.  I’m not too tech savvy.

Promptly I forgot about the suggestion.  My busy life pushed that passing idea off to the perimeter of my mind.

But, then months later the idea reemerged for no particular reason.  I did a brief search and was surprised how easily it was find a website for free radio.  Quickly my eyes raced down the list of genre options.

Presto! There it was in its proper place in the alphabetical listing: Country.  I clicked on the label and up popped the Country panel.  It invited me to click the arrow to listen.

I moved my cursor to the right place.  Then a swift click with my index finger and the familiar tunes, lyrics that were easy to understand, stories of real life, tunes that made me smile emerged clearly from my computer.  I was happy, elated, joyful again!

What a discovery!  It’s playing now as I write.  All day it was on during my work day in my office.  Old friends from Brad Paisley, Reba, Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift and so many others are getting acquainted with my routine again.  Welcome back, Country!

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