Strolling down Columbus St. in San Francisco is never the same.  You might guess that the weather varies from foggy to sunny but it’s more than that.  Or traffic patterns might suggest changes; but, traffic is always busy here.

The street is lined with fascinating shops that attract tourists from all over the world.  Languages that are very foreign and different from American English can be heard at every stoplight.  That variety is more of a staple than it is anything unusual.

Great eateries keep the tourists filing in as well.  There’s a world-famous Salami shop in Little Italy.  Some say it is not brag it is just fact.

We enjoy the Stinking Rose as a very fun place to eat.  It specializes in garlic recipes.  Well, that is not quite accurate. 

This eatery emphasizes garlic in quantity.  If you get lost looking for it you don’t need a map when you’re close.  Just follow the fragrance.  It is yummy to the tummy!

On one of our walks through Little Italy, we bumped and bounced off of other pedestrians who filled the sidewalk.  If you don’t mind the loss of personal space it’s kind of exciting to be immersed among the people all racing from hither and yon.

A couple were negotiating with the owner of a restaurant.  They really wanted to get in and eat there.  “Really, sir,” she pleaded, “we would love it if we could dine in your fine establishment.”  She flashed her ivories seasoned generously with sparkling eyes of hope.

Next door to that sidewalk cafe is the Mona Lisa.  It is a cozy restaurant along the block as the Salami shop.  Their clients seems tenaciously loyal.  

Minding my own business, my attention shifted quickly to the curb.  Beauty and novelty met my eyes.  Even with the San Francisco penchant toward smaller cars, this one was really tiny!  It was a convertible.

But, the inside of the car was set up For the casual stroller their attention is captured by the clever paint job on the eye-catching little car turned romantic table for two.

San Francisco is a fun city.  The eye takes in so much.  Ears drink in so many different sounds and combinations.  Of course, olfactory nerves are flooded with the amazing aromas that make this city famous.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography