It’s a part of our routine to head to the grocery store.  There we stock up on essentials that will be our daily fare of meals.  Usually, we enter the orderly and well stocked aisles with a list in our hands. 

My job is to push the cart.  That’s it.  I just manage the gathering basket to collect our list of items. 

Yvonne is the skilled chef.  She knows the ingredients that she needs to produce her amazing masterpieces that nourish and please our taste buds.  I am the official taster at the appropriate times.  But, now, I just steer the buggy.

We turn to the right once we are in the store.  Usually, we turn right.  It leads us to the produce department.

Green is common in this section.  Melons, squash, lettuce, spinach, celery and a whole array of Chinese vegetables that have no Western names. 

But, there is a contrast of colors.  Like a splash for variety, a large display table is filled with bananas.  They are yellow, my favorite color.

This delicious fruit is packaged in bunches for easy grabbing.  No one gets to break off the banana that they want.  The store knows the habits of their customers!

Soon, we have all of the vegetables and fruit that we need.  Yvonne leads the way while she scans her list.  I just manage to push the load behind her and keep from crashing into the many other shoppers looking every where but where they are going.

There are some scrapes and scratches but we make it to the other end of the store.  I’m fascinated to look over the fish that lie waiting for the frying pan while bathed in crushed ice to keep them fresh.  These dance in my imagination on the end of my fishing rod.

But, there is life here too.  Just a few feet away from the refrigerated counter filled with many color fish are the live tanks.  Catfish, shrimp, crab, lobsters and several fish wait for someone who wants only what is fresh.

I smile.  The oyster tray is bubbling with fresh saltwater.  Dozens and dozens of these delicious shellfish doze under the surface. 

No one has to chase them.  They just lie there ready for the next picker.  Then, they go home for a special treat for someone. 

Grocery shopping is a necessity.  Still, it can be fascinating while we watch.  Variety is the spice of life.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography