One inflated balloon has many fun features.  It is a happy decoration for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and other limitless reasons for celebration.  But, they are vulnerable and easy to pop!

Some people are very gifted as balloon modellers.  They take long skinny balloons and with a twist here a bend there and a stretch here, they make sculpters of animals, people, hats, toys and limitless options.  But, they still pop!

Colorful balloons accompany every parade.  They decorate every carnival.  When the mighty state fair opens for the season, balloons are every where.  But, even this fancy helium filled orbs are easy to pop.

None of us thinks of balloons as any more than fun party favors and decorations.  They really don’t strike any of us as useful for much else.  That’s what so many of my colleagues and used to think.

We had a teacher trying to show us how we can accomplish more together than on our own.  It was a good lecture and most of us accepted it.  Then, we were in for a surprise.

Our guest lecturer blew up a balloon.  He had each of follow suit by blowing up a balloon to a similar size.  Next, he invited all of us to bring our inflated contributions to the stage.

He gathered them all together like he had them corralled.  Then, he had a large round plastic table laid upside down on top of them.  He directed one person to step on to the platform. 

We all gasped.  He was reluctant.  But, at the urging of the speaker, he gingerly stood on the table that was resting on a cushion of balloons. 

Then, he invited another.  Another was added.  The entire table was filled with men but he balloons did not pop.

The lecturer had made his point.  Alone we are vulnerable and weak.  Together we can hold up under a great deal of pressure. Amazing!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography