We had a good reason to celebrate.  This was a special occasion so it was time to try out this highly recommended restaurant.  Over the years of being here in San Francisco, people had mentioned this place to us.

Everyone goes on and on about the crab.  It is a roasted garlic flavor that has given this place its city-wide fame.  Yelp gives it an average of four stars after many have offered their personal review.

Do you like Dungeness crab?  Some who are used to lobster as their favored seafood crustacean feel like crab is too much work.  There is some truth to what they are saying.

But, if you’re not in a hurry and love conversation while enjoying a meal, then crab is a great way to dine together.  No one can eat crab that is still in its shell without being messy.  The splatter and fingers covered with butter, sauce and pepper comes with the territory.

The waiter ties a very large bib on those who venture into the restaurants signature dish.  Everyone laughs and have a great time in anticipation of the meal.  Each of us who entered the dining room had a crab pass by them on its way to another seated customer. 

When a roasted crab passes by, it is impossible not to have a physiological reaction.  I turned and followed the waiter with my eyes.  No doubt my eyes dilated and I easily salivated.

The  aroma alone is astounding.  Generous doses of garlic when part of the roasting process gives off a tell-tale sign for a taste that slowly drop your eyelids and smile deeply.  It is a common reaction.

Usually, when I boil my own live crab at home, my dining experience is all about conversation and fun.  It is always good but it is not the same.  At home I crack the shell and pull all of the meat out and eat it at once.

This kind of crab presentation is different.  I can’t wait until I de-shell my portion of the meal in order to eat it in as a single serving.  Instead, I eat it as I de-shell it; it’s the only way!

I am amazed at how tender the meat is.  It is succulent, filled with flavor.  Their recipe blends the garlic with black pepper, butter and secret seasoning that make the taste explode with each bit.  You have got to try it!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photo