When we moved into to the Daly City house, I noticed that there were a generous number of rose bushes that had been planted in the front yard. They needed attention but I am not a gardener. In fact I think that plants groan when they see me coming.

In fact I am convinced that once I am out of ear shot, the plants have a conference on how to survive now that I will be taking care of them.  They are terrified.  My reputation as a Disaster Gardener must precede me.

When I walk back outside, those rose bushes clam up.  So I pause, turn and walk over to them.  The bushes are shaking a bit.

Naturally, I frown.  But, it’s not because i’m fighting the frightened flora, rather I notice that the bushes are in need of attention.  I like roses plants that look like a bush.  But, these have no shape, the branches are skinny, long and wildly intertwined with other limbs.

Over the next several months I took my pruners and pruned the branches back.  Then, weeks later I would free the tangle of branches.  Whenever a shoot would strike out on its own, I would cut it back.

Little by little I would shape these rose plants into a nice looking bush.  After I pruned them all back and thinned them out, the plants just grew stronger.  The thin branches thickened and grew stronger. 

This Spring an amazing thing happened.  After a year of pampering this plants, the blooms broke out in healthy buds.  There were so many buds.  Then they blossomed, flooding our yard with color.

Pausing I took in the brilliant colors.  The fragrance is amazing.  There is an unmistakable satisfaction to drink in living beauty that you have had a part in making it happen.  

Then, as the gardener who has privileges I took one.  My fingers wrapped around the stem of beautiful yellow rose bud.  I snapped it off and presented it to my personal beauty, my wonderful wife of 35 year.  Too cool.

The Almighty grows the roses.  But, He gave me a chance to participate.  Yes, I had a small part in producing these beauties!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography