Good friends invited us out to dinner.  They picked a restaurant that is in a popular area of San Francisco where a number of busy eateries have found a loyal following.  This is one of the attractions of this amazing city, great restaurants.

The meal was great.  Our conversation was also encouraging.  Ambiance is complicated, often defies explanation but is easily recognized when it is present.  It was there that night.

Hours flew by and soon it was time to say “Farewell!”  Our parting was sweet after such a good memory.  Smiles were exchanged as we went our separate ways.

Since this popular location was buzzing when we arrived, it was a challenge to find parking.  That is a San Francisco phenomenon as well.  I started circling the block in ever-increasing concentric circles.

There were precious few spots.  Someone else was better positioned than me to snap those spaces up.  Others wrangled, honked and waved off competitors. 

Like vultures fighting over road kill, someone would win.  Only one would gain the opening spot.  Usually, the first one to stake a claim was given quarter.  Even when doing a three-point turn on a narrow and busy street would be enough of a strategy to gain the upper hand.

I wasn’t in a fighting mood.  Easily I slipped on by and people would duel over a precious parking spot.  Instead, I drove into Golden Gate Park.  There I found several parking spaces. 

It was a three block walk to the restaurant, but it was a beautiful walk.  The park-like setting of this focus of city pride made the walk very pleasant.  I liked the stroll.

What waited for Yvonne and me was an extra special surprise.  As dusk settled over the city, the sunset was a treat.  Amazing cloud formations added to the spectacular scene in the sky.

Light was the show.  Shades of radiant oranges and yellows mixed into an aerial pallet that was breath-taking.  No one could just keep on walking. 

When God shows off His artistic skills in the heavens it is worth a pause.  We stopped just where I had parked.  Looking up we took in the splendor of the Creator’s amazing touch. 

This picture changed as the minutes slipped by.  Shades and hues of color shifted as the sunlight began to disappear.  Beautiful!

We have been blessed to have lived in this wonderful city.  The joys of being here and serving some amazing people will always be with us.  We smiled from deep inside.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography