Most people have flash in their lives.  They walk into big buildings, do important things and can look back on a full day with satisfaction.  I admire people who are like that. 

My life isn’t so glamorous.  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  My profession is honorable and impactful.  I love what I do.

However, when it comes to our necessary errands, I take on a very modest role.  Off to the store my wonderful wife and I travel.

When we get the perfect parking spot, it’s time for me to take up my role.  I know that it is my assignment.  No one has to remind me.

There are plenty from which to choose.  They are all lined up just inside the front door.  It’s a simple choice, but I make it personal. 

All buggies are not the same.  Each one has a personality.  Like finding your own personal avatar and connecting your chi with it is what this search is all about.

Then, my hands grip the handle bar and swiftly I pull it from the rack.  It responds to my directions and accepts the power that I inject into its wheels.  Together we smoothly move into the foot traffic of the throngs that are entering the store as well.

My ease of motion is a product of years of practice.  Dutifully, I follow Yvonne down one aisle and then another.  Stopping on a dime and then turning dramatically with great agility, I never lose sight of the world’s best shopper.

The view from my buggy is limited.  But, deftly I negotiate narrow aisles made tighter by heavy shopper traffic.  Nevertheless, I clip a corner.  Product falls to the floor. 

It’s time for me to pick up, clean up and straighten out.  Yvonne is disappearing up ahead.  With swiftness and quickness I catch up just in time as she turns to add more vital items to our life of hospitality and cheer for others.

Me and my buggy transport all of our items to check out.  Then, it’s time to find our rig, unload and then return our buggy to the collection point.  Of course we pick up two other abandon and lonely carts for deliver to the parking lot “Return Carts here” location. 

I have done nothing heroic.  Simply I have done my duty.  But, I have done it well.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography