Tucson was a respite.  It was the end of our second leg of our journey to Houston.  Two successive days of long hours on the road made us long for a break. 

Good friends from my past were waiting to open their home.  It would be a great reunion after 40 years of separation, spiced only by occasional Christmas letters and most recently a lively Facebook connection.  In the outskirts of Tucson my friends were a part of making the desert bloom.

Rising out of the sand and cacti a development of beautiful homes nestled among a well-planned community was now home.  Parks, ponds, picnic areas, shopping centers and recreational centers made this an inviting oasis in the hot Arizona desert.  Shari was outside waving down and inviting us in.

Four decades ago we began our journey of friendship together.  It was in the beautiful NW, a county called Whatcom.  Who would ever have guessed that the Good Lord had in mind to have us rendezvous for a gathering in the very warm climate of the SW?

We laughed, reflected, marvelled at God’s grace in all of our lives.  Everyone loved Yvonne.  This was their first time to meet my bride of 35 years.  We bonded like we have all been family for life.

Tinkerbelle, Sweetie and Katie added the comic relief.  They are the Sorenson’s dogs.  Each one of them had hysterical personalities.

Meals caught lingering much longer over conversation than over food.  What we ate was  always terrific but just gave us a forum to catch up over four decades of amazing faith ventures.  God has a way of making real friendships stand the test of time, trials and territory.

We bid each other farewell.  Yvonne and I climbed aboard our chariot and merged back into the steady flow of highway traffic heading East.  The desert again took over where the development stopped.

Endless fields of sand, cactus and rocks filled miles of scenery.  Traffic engineers designed the trip to be swift with posted speed limits up to 85mph kept the long distance travelling manageable.  Vast skies and rugged bluffs drifted by as Yoda, our trusty stead, pumped the miles from the horizon into our disappearing past.

Now, we are passing the half-way mark.  It is part of the patience of a journey.  Relax and enjoy the moments.

photo credit: tom lowell & brucefong cellphone photography