The road away from Tuscon to Houston is an easy one to follow.  There are a few miles in the desert that reintroduce me to the task ahead.  A long way and many miles still are in front of me.

Smoothly and swiftly we merged on to Interstate 10.  The terrain that surrounded us was massive.  Endless sands shrouded with cacti stretched in every direction.

After a few hours a welcome sight came into view.  I love it on a long road trip when the border crossing at the state line appears.  One state thanks you for visiting and the other one welcomes you with the state slogan.

New Mexico said thanks for visiting the State of Enchantment.  Texas just said, “Howdy!”  Something friendly about that Western greeting.

It wasn’t long before we entered the city limits of El Paso. There is a very short stretch where you gaze across the canyon that is the path of the Rio Grande River.  You are staring at Mexico, Juarez.

The stark contrast was stunning to us as we traveled at freeway speeds.  No city planning, poor construction, badly needed paint jobs were inconsequential since basic structure needed improvement.  Nothing in the community that was dense and chaotic was attractive.

Stories of crime, trafficking of ever sordid type and the lawlessness came to mind.  Quickly almost mercifully the freeway turned away and America for all of its troubles came back into view.  This is an amazing country and I am so grateful to be here.

The crowded city cramped our style on the road.  Traffic slowed down to a crawl.  It took too long to pass through El Paso.  I was happy to leave the congestion behind.

The desert returned.  More sand, more cactus and more rocks lined the freeway.  Miles passed by at speeds of 85 mph.  It doesn’t take much to entertain a weary sojourner, even an old truck captured my attention for a moment.

After hours of driving, I was tired.  Ahead lay our destination en route.  It was a town that I had never heard of before this trip.  Tired eyes, weary body and a brain ready for some sleep was what I pushed into the hotel room and plopped down on the bed.

A cool shower felt great.  That cool towel over my face was refreshing.  After a good meal, I welcomed the comfort of a bed to while away the  night.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography