What is it about airports that makes us thirsty?  Do they set the temperatures higher than the normal household?  Do they deliberately turn off the refrigeration in the public water fountains in order to make the water tepid and unpleasant to drink?

I am suspicious.  Is it a conspiracy theory?  Ha, yes, it is for sure!

At the security station you have to either surrender all of your water or drink it before you pass through to the loading gates.  I guzzled my water down once.  But, that water-logged option will never be my choice again. 

Before I board my plane, I try the water fountain.  The water is not very tasty.  It is still room temperature with no refrigeration.

Reluctantly, I wander to the news shop.  They sell a variety of items.  Naturally, my thirst guides me to the refrigeration display. 

There on the other side of the glass door are sparkling bottles of water.  My mouth is begging for a sip, a gulp or a long steady drink.  But, something stops me from grabbing a bottle.

Most of us guys notice the sign.  There in unmistakable numbers is the price of a bottle of water.  It is shocking!

God gave us water to drink.  Last I checked He gave it to all for FREE.  So, how does the price of $2.89 for a 12oz bottle find justification?

I’m sure that some goes to the person selling it in the airport.  She gets the brunt of the abuse.  Customers make wise cracks that are very creative.

“$2.89?  Are you sure?  I don’t want to buy the whole Eastern seaboard watershed.  I just want one bottle.”

Of course there’s the facetious comment, “Any chance for a senior discount?  How about a family rate?  Can you add it to my Federal Tax bill?”  Everyone is laughing . . . except the cashier.  She’s heard it all and stays stoic to protect herself from taking it personally.

I refuse.  Instead, I put the money back into my pocket.  It’s sort of a solitary act of rebellion that no one notices except for me. 

On my way back to my gate and waiting plane, I spy another water fountain.  So, I pause and give it a try.  It’s still warm, weak pressure makes it hard to slurp but at least my whistle is wet.

Buckled in to my seat and up into the air, the attendants come by with their carts.  They pass out water.  It’s cold and it’s FREE!

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography