“I’m your friendly neighborhood spiderman.” Peter Parker’s identification line launches him into a world of superhero stardom.  He has come to grips with his new identity.

This fun story of every boys dream hits the silver screen as another installment to make the old story live in swashbuckling action.  A previous trilogy captured a loyal following that popularized “Spidey” as an entertainment favorite.  Many of the distinctive features played out in the mind’s eye of all of us fans.

Peter’s life is filled with tragedy.  He is an orphan, raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May.  They are his stability when life is unnerving, full of rejection, abandonment and loneliness.

Teenagers face their individuality with insecurity.  They hunger for a hero to vicariously live out their desires for significance and meaning.  Spiderman does all of that.

His story on film portrays a nerdy science-minded teen who is picked on by the Big Man on Campus.  Every teen who has been abused by a bully grinds his teeth looking for a way to even the score.  The victim takes it personally while the bully just adds the episode to his long list of nameless victories.

Spiderman gives every shy, insecure and cypher-in-the-snow a moment to celebrate, smile and laugh again.  He even gets the girl.  Confidence and significance emerge not as imaginary hopes but as real identity.

Emma Stone plays Peter Parkers first romance.  She is worth watching.  Her performance is strong and versatile.

Andrew Garfield faces a mountainous challenge.  Toby McGuire was an excellent casting choice in the first trilogy.  Who would give Garfield a fair shake?  Yet, he is effective immediately makes any dubious viewers enter the story on the screen with few misgivings.

All of the original features of this classic Marvel hero are in the story.  Peter Parker gets bit by a spider and is transformed into a superhero with great powers.  His scientific genius helps him build webshooters.

What is unique in this episode is the clue he stumbles across early on in the story.  It points to the reason his parents disappeared from his life.  This discover puts him into a collision course with his father’s previous colleague, the Lizard.

Parker makes choices that set the stage for the rest of his life.  He embraces his role as a superhero.  Go see it.  Afterall, with great power there comes great responsibility.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography