We drove into the area South of Market, SOMA.  Some of it I recognized.  We talked about new areas, sites and favorite stops.

In the middle of the conversation, our friend shouts out, “There it is!”  I looked quickly but I missed it.  While I strained and stretched I didn’t see our destination.

“Hey, let’s look for a parking spot.”  The favorite San Francisco hobby now lay before us.  We had to find a legal place to leave the car.

At the stop light we all shouted our sightings.  Right across the intersection a space sat empty.  Not only was it empty, it was a free space with no meters.

We strolled a half of a block to Bar Agricole.  It is a trendy restaurant that invited those with a discriminating palate.  Our goal was to enjoy a Sunday brunch after a long day in the service of the King.

The custom booths are chic.  They are a noticeably signature furniture for this first time experience for Yvonne and me.  Our waitress quickly came to serve us.

After we placed our orders, the conversation was endless.  We caught up on vacations, share observations of improving the ministry, told funny stories and paused only to give a wow look at our food.

Yvonne had crab and egg salad sandwiches.  They looked amazing.  The presentation at this special place was as spectacular as the taste.

My meal came.  I had ordered two eggs with pork.  It was amazing!

First, the yolk of the two eggs was a rich deep yellow.  I had not seen that kind of color in a long time.  They were free ranging chicken produced eggs. 

Their color was lost when I tasted the fare.  Yeow!  It was so good!

Vegetables, garnishes and perfectly fried pork added amazing flavors to the meal.  Not was my appetite satisfied, so was my memory of amazing food.  The company was pretty good too!

Satisfied and stuffed we rolled on home.  It was a satisfying celebration with very good friends.  What a better way to finish the Good LORD’s Day.