My fellow flyers are busy trying to distract themselves from the onerous onslaught of travel hours.  Some are able to be very productive.  I admire them.

Those who are hyper-into-work are usually high-tech equipped.  Their laptops are ultra thin, never need to be plugged in and the speed on their processing is blinding.

There are just as many using tablets.  They whip those babies out and their fingers are sweeping across the screens like an Olympic figure skater on ice.  A young suit flips the cover back over the unit like those old WW2 executives snapping their satchels shut.

Parents who are great planners have their children entertained with electronics.  Their offspring are watching movies, cartoons and playing games way beyond what I can even imagine.    The airport has a kiosk for modern air travel electronic gizmos to support the vast majority of gadget-minded sojourners.

I’m in the mix.  When I can get online I’ll call up my blog and pound out a new reflection.  It’s a great way to keep connected with so many.

When my computer can’t connect like it is struggling in Charlotte, I pull out my smart phone and catch up on email, text messages and notifications.  Some people probably don’t even know that I’m on the other side of the country when our emails or texts exchange at the speed of light.

Angry birds have helped me while away a few dull moments.  Westerns have kept me entertained with cowboys racing across the Old West, rescuing the weak and pummeling the wicked.  Prayers have always been a part of long travels; there’s a lot of need for praying!

My i-pod is a great companion.  Loaded on to this gem of a device are my favorite tunes.  My ear buds are high quality and give me a rich sound.

Whether it is Country, Worship, Pop or classical, my music makes the hard hours of travels manageable.  There is a soulful rest that comes from the world of music.  Sometimes thoughtful, other times challenging, once in a while a whirlwind of life but always powerful enough to direct my attention away from the empty world of simply waiting.

A traveler’s routine is all about being productive with hours that will line up and tick away.  If we grasp the opportunity and turn it into something productive, then our journey is well spent.  It’s not hard just relentless.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography