Our friendship began years ago.  Over a decade has passed under the bridge of life for us, but time doesn’t mean much to us.  Friendship does.

We locked arms through ministry.  But, our lives clicked much deeper.  Friendships are like that; deeply connecting with camaraderie.

Over the years we shared many laughs.  We took in a movie and joked about it throughout the entire flick.  Meals were a big part of our adventures together.  Buddies eat and make it a manly experience.

Our adventures grew and became moments worth reliving over and over again.  His expertise became great lessons for me.  Over time, I don’t know when it occurred but it happened.

A bond formed between us.  Loyalty was born.  We have stood side by side through tough times. 

When life became more than what any one man could bear on his own, we were there for each other.  As David had Jonathan we added each other to our small collection of devoted comrades that would go through thick and thin, shoulder to shoulder.

Life has put miles between us.  Careers have taken us to different parts of the nation.  The test of the kind of friendship that we share is how distance and time make little impact on our devotion to each other.

We had some time to travel.  The bright idea and a plane flight was all that was needed to make a reunion of friendship a reality.  After hours on the plane we connected at a place with delicious BBQ.

The food was fabulous.  But, the friendship was even more amazing.  We picked up where we left off, as if we had never followed different roads that led to different states of the lower 48.

Almost every moment of our lives we laughed through them one more time.  Those who shared those events were part of our reminiscing.  It felt so good to hang out together again.

There were at least four but more likely five times when we tried to say good-bye but just kept on talking.  There were many more memories to relive again.  Each attempt at a farewell fell victim to memories relived.

The last conversation that gave us a reason to say a real “till we meet again” was our hopes to repeat what we enjoyed this vacation time.  Strong handshake and manly hug and one final laugh was all we needed to look forward to the next time around.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography