Family time is fun time.  Three of my kids and I got a chance to squeeze in a San Francisco adventure.  Treasured moments don’t have to elaborate or lengthy, just fun.

It’s not about what you do but with whom you share the moment.  Simplicity and spontaneity with those you love are all of the ingredients needed to make a memory.  Love, yup, that’s the ticket!

There was a shop that we visited, then we stumbled across this historic intersection in the streets on the East side of town.  It is a vague memory from my past.  I was too busy studying to figure out why so many were protesting this or that.

We laughed at the moment as a family.  None of us were tie-dye types.  Laws are part of what we do not what we seek to bend, break or bash.

The Fong’s are into diligence, joy and faith.  That sums us up nicely.  But, we can take in some history, marvel at the quaint shops and tease each other with the styles of the day and yesteryear.

A hat shop was our objective.  Can you imagine the four of us trying on the wildest lids ever created?  Once we got serious one of us even gave the business real business.

Next, we strolled down the Haight and did a lot of window shopping.  Early on we dodged pigeons looking for targets to bomb.  The hat salesman warned us that his best hat suffered a direct hit.

I took a picture of the actual intersection street sign of the famed Haight Ashbury.  But, the traffic didn’t give me a chance to get the right angle.  However, someone figured out that problem.

At a more reasonable height, just right for photo ops is a replica of the intersection street markers.  Don’t our kids to fabulous next to it?  The smiles are real, the fun we shared was memorable and even though this place is in our town it is the first time for me to visit the landmark.

The best excuses to explore our own village is when family comes to visit.  A simple stroll, lots of laughter, easy teasing and goofy behavior make for the spice in life that gives memories longevity in our souls.  Family is the soul of life.

photo credit: brucefong cellphone photography