Shopping for a house was a big deal.  We had a real estate team of three doing the advance search for us.  They were busy, highly productive, professional and produced swift results.

We didn’t need to shop for a bank.  Our California money-guys were big enough that it was well represented in branches throughout Houston and our new home town of Katy.  Once the tellers realized that we were new to town they were very welcoming and accommodating to our needs.

Nor did we have to shop for a new Pharmacy.  Again we have an account with a company large enough to be in many places around town.  The closest shop to our new home is even a 24 hour branch.  Now, that’s convenient.

But, the hardest necessity in life for us to decide upon is a new home church.  This has never been an easy choice.  It is already proving to be difficult for us.

Our “must haves” isn’t long.  It must uphold the Scriptures doctrinal soundness and expository preaching.  We love to have vibrant worship.  Finally, we want to find that the Spirit is actively present in the fellowship of diverse believers.

So far we have visited five churches.  It is amazing how much you can tell about a church when you visit just one time.  No, it’s much more than judging a book by its cover.

Churches are full of people.  After a time the people take on the ambiance of the church.  You can tell if the service is vibrant, if the people are friendly, whether or not a spirit of joy or negativity is prominent, shake the hand of the leaders will tell you a lot, watch if the leader is interested or just perfunctory, sometimes people are too aggressive, worship is a telling sign and of course so is the preaching.

We aren’t into anything too formal.  Relaxed makes sense to us.  Here it is hot in Houston, so expectations of dress are very noticeable to all guests.

Attitude is everything, isn’t it?  People who are warm and loving are wonderful.  Friendly people are a delight. 

So many churches have been wonderful.  We have enjoyed our search.  Almost every place we have thought that a return visit would be worth the effort.

God must be smiling down on the local gatherings of His people in this city.  They are doing a fabulous job of representing Him.  We haven’t found where He is leading us yet, but it will happen soon.